The Samsung S20 Tactical Edition provides uncompromised reliability with its numerous features key to a successful mission. The S20 TE is the top-of-line tactical device with a large screen, fast response time and a large enough battery to power it all.
PAR Government is both a premier SA solution provider and a designated preferred partner of Samsung Electronics America for the tactical edition device. Our team’s experience in both software and hardware provides unparalleled technical support needed to meet your mission requirements. From installing and activating the necessary software such as TE-Enabler to providing before and after sale support, you can count on PAR to excel when and where the stakes are highest.
It all depends on your requirements. We work closely with you to identify the solution that works best for you. Our solutions range from the EUD only to a fully-provisioned out-of-the-box solution.
Our out-of-the-box solution augments the Samsung Tactical Edition device by integrating PAR-owned and developed TE-Enabler software. This mission ready solution saves end users both time and money by limiting the potential issues users may experience when trying to activate on their own.
TE-Enabler is a helper app developed with skilled expertise to provide seamless integration with SA apps such as ATAK. It supports various features including multiple radio configuration, dark mode, tactical cellular toggling, RNDIS mode for MPU5 radios and much more. TE-Enabler has proven to be essential in both the operation and connectivity needed for the S9 and S20 tactical edition devices and SA.
We highly recommend that users do not factory reset devices purchased from us. Doing so will delete all files including the required TE-Enabler application. Contact us for support.
To ensure that TE-Enabler is activated, simply tap on the TE-Enabler icon in the app drawer. This will prompt the EULA which indicates the status.
We offer three options for Knox license activation:
  1. PAR Knox server. For customers who want our out-of-box solution, we activate against our on-prem server. This solution provides the customer peace of mind in knowing their device is not exposed to the internet. This effective solution makes it faster and easier for an effortless device deployment.
  2. Customer’s Knox server. For customers who own or would like to own their Knox server this solution provides for in house activation.
  3. Cloud server. For customers who have trust policies that allow their devices to connect to a Samsung server.
Our typical kit includes the EUD, tactical case with MOLLE mount, case cable, hub and various radio and peripheral cables. We will work with you on a custom solution that satisfy your requirements.