PAR Government is excited to release TE-Enabler-Lite. TE-Enabler-Lite is a no-cost software application that can be used to interface Samsung Tactical Edition (TE) S9 and S20 end user devices (EUDs) with tactical radios /networks and SA Applications (i.e., ATAK). TE-Enabler-Lite is derived from the PAR Government TE-Enabler solution. It provides basic functionality similar to the previous Tactical Services (TACServices) Application but with addition of DHCP support. TE-Enabler-Lite is designed to work closely with the TAK Network Monitor application.

TE-Enabler-Lite can be used by Government and contractor entities under the conditions set forth in the TE-Enabler-Lite End User License Agreement (EULA) and the following summary of conditions. TE-Enabler-Lite can be downloaded by registering for it on the pargovernment.com web site. Upon registration a downlink site will be provided.

To read the full EULA download here.

To request a TE-Enabler-Lite download go here.